Botanical synergy providing key to the animal performance

The brain behind our solutions : David Manghebati

David Manghebati had the idea to make his knowledge in phytotherapy available for the animal health industry.

He founded his company, MANGHEBATI SAS, in 1989 from a simple idea: using scientific properties of plants in their entirety – meaning using the vegetal totum - to promote animals’ health and well-being. Using the vegetal totum when using plant extracts we target the synergy and potentiation of properties of herbal extracts. The proportionality of the active ingredients of an extract is maintained because its components are working in harmony. The level of synergy depends on the proportion of each active ingredient rather than their relative strength.

28 years of research about synergistic properties of plant extracts

Through decades of R&D work on plant benefits, we design aromatic premixtures and feed supplements for livestock and domestic animals. Unlike a chemical drug, whose action is linked to an isolated active ingredient, plants act by association through their compounds’ multiplicity. The various active ingredients from plants potentiate each other and act in synergy: the effect of their combination is better than the sum of each separate component’s effect.

Today, thanks to this knowledge and to our constant search of new plants, we are at your side to bring you effective, secure and well-known solutions through our range of products

David Manghebati

A team of skilled and enthusiastic experts valorises the scientific rigour of the founder

The partners’ satisfaction is the priority of women and men working in the organization - each step of the company’s activity is completely codified and reproducible to guarantee effectiveness of our products.


Research and Development

Responsible for the company’s processes reproducibility.


Export Director & Upstream strategic

Managing overseas activities of sales & sourcing.


Export Assistant

The administrative and logistic routines of export sales hold no secret for her.


Overseas business developer

International development in Latin America and East Asia. Trilingual French-English-Spanish

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