MANGHEBATI, botanical extract producer

MANGHEBATI, botanical extract producer

Quality and amount of active compounds of plants are closely linked to their origin (climate, ground, cultivation and harvest conditions). The success of our work is based on a rigorous selection of our supplies origins, guaranteeing our extracts’ composition.

The variability of commercial extracts currently available on the market, which presents synthetic compounds called “nature-identical”, highlights this reality!



MANGHEBATI, producteur d’extrait de plantes
Des variants botaniques ciblés pour mieux préserver l’immunité animale

Specific botanical variums for a better preservation of animals' immunity.

The expected effectiveness of our botanical solutions is regularly confirmed by the variations of zootechnical and blood biochemical parameters, determined through field trials implemented with various scientific partners.

Issues in breeding depend on targeted species along with practices and constraints linked to geographical situation: our R&D Department is attentive to the market requirements to propose targeted solutions to keep animals’ immunity and to preserve the future.



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