Our certifications

FAMI QS Certifications

FAMI QS is a European code of good practices defining quality management system (QMS) requirements for operators of premixes and additives for animal feed.

It is based on the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 183/2005 and HACCP for the control of food safety, and on the principles of ISO 9001 to ensure an effective QMS, that is to say to demonstrate the ability to deliver a product that meets regulatory and customer’s requirements, and to seek increasing customer’s satisfaction.

Since March 2007, we have been implementing a certified quality management system that is constantly evolving and covers all of our activities: from supplies to shipping of our products. This certification is issued by accredited bodies following a complete and thorough annual audit.

Certification biologique

Organic Standard Certification

We also offer a range of products that can be used in organic farming, certified by an accredited organization.


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