Quality Control Tools

Regulatory Watch

We ensure a permanent and targeted regulatory watch through our membership in various professional organisations. We contribute to FEFANA and AFCA CIAL (respectively European and French professional organisations), allowing us to be permanently informed of the latest regulatory developments. We participate actively to the European registration of numerous botanical extracts for their use as feed additives, evidence of our commitment to participate and enforce the legislation of our industry.

Veille réglementaire


In accordance with European regulation 178/2002/CE, we set a system guarantying full traceability: from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery to our customers. We guarantee the control of our suppliers throughout the whole production and logistic chains.


HACCP (Hazard analysis critical control point)

The implementation of the HACCP method for all of our ranges of products allows us to guarantee the sanitary safety and the quality of our products.  


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